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Integrated Care.......


What is 'Integrated Care'?


Integrated Care is a more joined up way of delivering health and social cvare services that helps you receive the righ care, in the right place at the right time. It aims to provide you with cvare that is co-ordinated and linked to local services in the community.


If you are someone with a range of illnesses or complex needs, you may see many different professionals who helps to manage your care and ensure that you are getting the best support and treatments available.


An integrated care approach brings together all thses professionals to work as a team. The team is called a community care team.


What is a community care team?


A community care team is usually led by your GP. Depending on your individual needs, the team may consist of a range of health and social care professionals, such as a community matron, a link nurse, a social worker, a therapist and an integrated care co-ordinator. One of the team members will be your named lead worker.


The team gets tohether to discuss your treatment now and in the future, and decides if:


  • any of your care can be streamlined and be made more effective
  • you might benefit from a referral to other services
  • you might benefit from further tests
  •  there is anything else you could receive to help improve your independence and wellbeing


What are the aims of an integrated care meeting?


The aims of an integrated care meeting are to improve the co-ordination of your care, and to improve communication between professionals so that you receive the most appropriate care for your needs.


Who decides if i could benefit from an integrated care meeting?


Your GP, health or social care professional involved in your care will decide if an integrated care approach could benefit you and will discuss this with you.


You will be asked to give your consent to have your health patient record shared with the professionals involved in your care. Your inforation will on be shared with authorised professionals who consented to be involved in your care.


What does this mean for me?


Your lead worker will liaise with you to snsure that you are involved in any recommendations or discussions from the integreated care meeting. You will remain at the heart of all decisions involving your care and may at any time opt out of receiving integrated care support.

You will continue to be reviewed by the community care team until your needs have been met, your needs have been changed or a member of the community care team feels that is no longer appropriate for you to be included on an intergrated care list.


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