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If you cannot attend your appointment for any reason, please let us know within 24 hours of your appointment or as soon as possible so that we can offer the appointment to someone else.

CQC Inspection Practice Statement


The CQC have recently carried out an inspection on Cromer Group Practice. The purpose of these inspections are to ensure that the Practice is providing care that's safe, caring, effective, responsive to people's needs and well-led.


The Practice has been viewed as "Requires improvement". The Practice staff and Partners are being extremely pro-active in reviewing the information given by the CQC in order to make changes and drive improvement within the Practice.


The Practices performance will be regulary monitored with robust processes in place to protect our patients. This will entail further staff training which will safeguard and futureproof our course of action and will ensure our developments are moving the Practice forward.


Cromer Group Practice have taken all points raised on board and will contiune to make improvements with immediate effect and will continue to risk assess all areas highlighted by the CQC.


The CQC report is published on our website and is accessible for both members of the public and registered patients to view.


Published 13th August 2019

Try the new NHS APP


If you're a patient at our practice you can noe use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet. You can use the NHS App to check your symptoms and get instant advice, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your GP medical record and more. If you already use SystmOnline you can continue to use it. You can use the NHS App as well.


For more information go to www.nhs.uk/nhsapp


Published 17th May 2019

Maternity packs


You may be aware of a recent fine issued Bounty, a pregnancy and parenting club, by the Information Commissioner for sharing information with third parties without making the public aware. You can find more information by clicking this LINK. The practice takes privacy and lawful use of information seriously and works hard to ensure that our service providers, partners and suppliers are trustworthy and compliant and although the practice is not directly affiliated with Bounty, we have looked into the matter to provide our patients with reassurance.

The Information Commissioner has recognised that the information sharing was an historic practice that ceased before recent changes in data protection law came into force. Bounty have confirmed that they have stopped selling details of members who sign up and that they have implemented robust data protection practices. They also have a privacy policy that now explicitly states they have stopped sharing data with those data brokerage firms and will never sell members information in the future. Finally, they have appointed an independent data expert who will assess Bounty's procedures annually and publish the findings on the Bounty website.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do let us know.

Published 18th April 2019

Drug Monitoring Letters


We are very sorry there has been an administrative error with the processing of our drug monitoring letters.


Unfortunately the incorrect letters were sent out to patients asking them to have a blood test within 5 days. For the majority of patients there is no urgency. Some patients will be aware that some medication will require blood tests every 28 days and we will be grateful if these patients can have their blood test within a week.


We appreciate this has caused many patients a great deal of upset and we apologise for this.


We also processed too many letters at the same time. This has also had a massive impact on Cromer Phlebotomy department causing patients to have prolonged delays.


We offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Cromer Group Practice



Published 8th March 2019

Extended Access Evening and Weekend Appointments


Extended access evening and weekend appointments are now available in North Norfolk.


Urgent (same day) and routine (booked in advance) appointments with a GP, Nurse Practitioner or Nurse are offered to patients registered with a GP Practice in North Norfolk.


Currently this type of appointment is available at Primary Care Hub sites at Cromer, Fakenham, and North Walsham (Birchwood) Surgeries. Any patient, registered at any North Norfolk GP Surgery can access these appointments at these locations.


You can book an appointment at a Primary Care Hub by contacting your own GP Practice.


The opening hours are 6:30pm - 8pm weekdays and 9am-12pm weekends.


Please note that this is not a walk-in or emergency service, appointments must be booked via telephone prior to arrival. 


Published 21st December 2018

Dr Steggles leaving - Dr Pardo Joins the Practice


We are sad to announce  Dr Steggles will be leaving the practice on Thursday on 19th September 2018. We are all very grateful to Dr Steggles for the valued contribution he has made to the Practice during the last two years and wish him all the very best for the future.

We are delighted to announce, Dr Gabriela Pardo who is currently our GP registrar, will be joining the Practice from 6th November 2018 working 4 days a week.

Patients who were previously registered with Dr Steggles will be allocated to Dr Pardo.



Published September 2018

Summer Health Campaign Launched


NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and North Norfolk CCG have recently launched a summer campaign to raise awareness of where to get the most appropriate health advice and treatment locally.


The aim of the campaign is to reduce pressure on GPs and A&E departments, which in the summer season is significantly increased due to approximately 20 million holiday visitors to the area.


Part of the campaign will be to promote the use of the NHS 111 service through a short video featuring the comedian Dom Joly.  You can view and share this video here. Please use the hashtag #GuidetolocalNHS.


If you would like assets to help promote the campaign including, web banners, social media graphics please contact Ian Wakefield his email is ian.wakefield@nhs.net

Published 13th August 2018

Additional Winter Pressure Appointments


Over the next two weeks we are working with NHS England to offer extra GP appointments. This is because we know that there are times you want to be able to see a GP at short notice. We also know that over winter lots of people have seasonal illnesses which require more than a Pharmacy but don't need emergency treatment.


The extra appointments are bookable on the day by ringing reception on the usual number or by booking online.


If you haven't signed up GP Online Services call into the pratice with two forms of photo ID and proof of address. We can sign you up there and then. GP Online Services makes it easy to book appointments online, request repeat prescriptions and view some of your medical records. Find out more about this on www.nhs.uk/GPonlineservices


If you are not able to attend an appointment you have booked, for whatever reason, please let us know. We can then offer that appointment to someone else thats needs it.


Published 3rd April 2018

More GP Appointments released


Over the next three weeks we are working with NHS England to offer extra GP appointments. This is because we know that there are times you want to be able to see a GP at short notice. We also know that over winter lots of people have seasonal illnesses which require more than a Pharmacy but don't need emergency treatment.


The extra appointments are bookable on the day by ringing reception on the usual number or by booking online.


If you haven't signed up GP Online Services call into the pratice with two forms of photo ID and proof of address. We can sign you up there and then. GP Online Services makes it easy to book appointments online, request repeat prescriptions and view some of your medical records. Find out more about this on www.nhs.uk/GPonlineservices


If you are not able to attend an appointment you have booked, for whatever reason, please let us know. We can then offer that appointment to someone else thats needs it.


Published 2nd January 2018

Telephone System Upgrade -

The final stage of our telephone system update is now complete.


Updated 8th December 2017 1.30pm



To allow for the final stages of our telephone system upgrade to be completed the Practice will have no telephone system available on Friday 8th December 2017 between 12.00pm and approximately 2.00pm.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.



Updated 29th November 2017



We are aware and extremley conscious patients and service users are experiencing difficulty in getting through to the surgery via the telephone. We apologise for this.


We have taken the decsion to upgrade our telephone system. The upgrade process will take around 8 - 10 weeks while we wait for BT Openreach to install a new fibre optic telephone line.


The benefit to patients and service users is the system will process all telephone calls via the internet and the cloud. The new call queuing system can hold up to 100 calls and will also inform the caller where they are in the queuing system. We have also employed an additional receptionist to help with answering telephone calls who joins the practice on Monday 23rd October 2017.


The Practice telephone number will remain unchanged.


Published 26th September 2017

Sister Julie Gurney Announces her Retirement


I will be retiring from my position as Practice Nurse at Cromer Group Practice on the 31st July 2017.


I feel very proud to be able to say that I have completed 45 years of nursing. My career started on the 1st August 1972 at the Jenny Lind children's Hospital on Unthank Road, Norwich.


I have had the privilage of working with some truely amazing people, made many friends and best of all, have some much treasured memories.


When I joined Cromer Group Practice in June 1st 1984 little did I know I would be here some 33 years later. I have been so very lucky to have enjoyed good health which allowed me to do what I love doing for so long.


To all the patients, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed looking after you all, and how fortunate we all are to be having a new surgery - It will be fantastic.


With best wishes to your all.



Jules Gurney


Published 17th June 2017

Sara Bailey - Time to say farewell


I joined Cromer Group Practice in July 2012, when I relocated to Norfolk from Cambridgeshire. Initially I had some difficulty understanding people who had a strong Norfolk accent, but that has improved over time!


I have met some lovely patients whilst working at Cromer and have enjoyed walking into town and seeing the sea.


The positive response I have received from a lot of patients since returning after my illness has been heart-warming and I thank those of you who said such kind words. It has really meant a lot to me.


In December I accepted a Nurse Practitioner position at a health centre closer to home which will mean less travelling time. I would like to thank the managers, staff and GP’s at Cromer Group Practice for the support they have given me during my time here and the special patients I have helped for having confidence in my abilities as a Nurse Practitioner.


Sara Bailey

Nurse Practitioner

Winter Pressure Additional Appointments


Over the next 2 months we are working with NHS england to offer extra clinical appointments.


These extra appointments cannot be booked in advance but they will be offered to you on the days they are available.


If you are not able to attend an appointment you have booked, please let us know. We can then offer that appointment to someone else that needs it.

Time to say farewell


After 17 enjoyable years at the Surgery as their Respitatory Nurse Specialist, I have taken the opportunity to accept a similar job nearer to home. I will be able to walk to work, not have to drive (especially in winter). I will miss everything about working here; the staff and the patients, and my lunch time walks along the front.


I wish you all well in your new surgery.


Best wishes to you all


Sue Mildenhall



We are all grateful to Sue for the valued contribution she has made to the Practice during her career here at the surgery. I am sure everyone will join us in thanking Sue for her commitment and service to patients here, and wish her every sucess in her job.



Surgery Update - August 2016

We are pleased to announce that Dr Mark Steggles will be joining the Practice from 16th August 2016. Dr Steggles writes ‘I grew up in Essex and studied Medicine at Kings College London, graduating in 2011. I lived in Kings Lynn for two years, working at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, then moved to Nottingham for my GP training for three years. I'm excited to be back in Norfolk and looking forward to starting at the practice.’


Patients who were previously registered with Dr Lennox will now be allocated to Dr Steggles.


We have also recruited two additional Advanced Nurse Practitioners to our team. A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) with advanced training in diagnosing and treating illness. Nurse Practitioners prescribe medications, treat illness, and administer physical examinations. NPs focus on prevention, wellness, and education.


Deborah Perez-Selsky  who started at the Practice on 11th  July says : I am originally from Norfolk; the exotic name is down to my husband not me and I am returning to Norfolk;  after some 30 odd years, with my family and Henry the Jack Russell.  I have spent the last 9 years working as the Head of Nursing for Qatar Petroleum in the Middle East and before that I was a Nurse Practitioner in West London and in Brighton. I have two teenage children who keep me on my toes. I enjoy the wonderful Norfolk countryside, after 9 years of the desert my drive to work is a joy. I also play golf, not very well and the piano even worse but I aspire to improve.


Thank you to all the staff and patients at Cromer Group Practice who have made my first few weeks at the practice both welcoming and enjoyable.


Julie Broom joined us on 1st August. Julie writes: ‘I have lived in Norfolk since moving here as a child. I married a Norfolk man and have three sons. I enjoy family life and have two gorgeous grand-daughters. For the last 9 years I have worked in Great Yarmouth and decided to embark on a new challenge closer to home. I am a keen gardener and baker, and enjoy walking our dogs and cycling with my husband.

We are also delighted to announce that Sara Bailey Advanced Nurse Practitioner is on a phased return to work after a period of sick leave.


Dr Megan Lewis GP Registrar has commenced her third year of GP training here and will be here until August 2017.  A GP registrar is a qualified doctor who has decided to undertake GP training. This takes three years to complete.


Finally we are very happy and excited to announce Dr Emmy Blunt commences maternity leave on the 30th September. We have employed Dr Ngada-Stanley on a locum basis to cover for Dr Blunt in her absence. Dr Blunt will return to the Practice sometime in May next year and we all wish her well for the future months ahead.


We are delighted that we have recruited Dr Steggles, Deborah and Julie and combined with Dr Lewis completing her training here we consider this as a very positive time for the Practice.




Practice Update


Currently the Practice is recruiting for a full time salaried GP or partner to replace Dr Lennox who retired at the end of December 2015. We have been actively recruiting, however until we assign a replacement this means we are ‘a man down’ within our clinical team, and this obviously puts pressure on available access for our patients.


As we say goodbye to winter, spring and summer brings the additional pressure of high numbers of holiday makers and temporary residents to Cromer who may need access to healthcare. We usually see an average of 1000 additional patients throughout the year mainly through May to September.

Whilst we attempt to recruit for a new doctor the Partners and surgery team are working hard to maintain patient access. We attempt to employ locums to help with the workload but are not always able to get that extra help.


We would ask you to work with us at this time. If you have booked an appointment and feel you no longer require it, then please cancel it so that we are able to offer it to someone else. We understand there are times when you may genuinely forget an appointment or are unable to attend but ‘do not attends’ increases the pressure on our appointment system.  If you are assigned a five minute emergency appointment then please respect that this is for that emergency matter only. We ask the reception team to record that they have advised the patient of this when the appointment is booked and if possible that the receptionist asks for a reason why you need to see a doctor. We respect that you may not want to provide a reason, but it does make it easier for the clinical team to assess emergencies.


Before you make a GP appointment, consider the alternatives. Your local pharmacist may be able to give you the help you need. Or you can call NHS 111 if you urgently need medical help or advice but it’s not a life threatening situation. You can also call NHS 111 if you’re not sure which NHS service you need.


Finally we do appreciate that it can be frustrating and difficult for you when you are unable to book an appointment, however I do hope that you can see that we are trying to do the best we can. It is not the receptionist’s fault that there isn’t that available appointment, yet quite often they may be at the brunt of a patient’s frustration.


We hope that we may be able to recruit another GP soon and thank you for your co-operation at this time.


Announcing Dr Lennox's Retirement


We are sad to announce that Dr Lennox will be retiring from the practice with effect from 31st December 2015 due to ill health. Dr Lennox has been a partner at the practice for 24 years and would like to convey his appreciation and thanks to all the patients that have supported the practice during this time.


At the moment we will continue with Dr Lennox's patients being held on a list, and will consider over the next few weeks how to allocate these to the practice clinicians. We would like to reassure patients that there will no interruption to their healthcare management during this transaction period. We will keep patients informed of the changes to GP personnel as and when these arrangements are finalised. Your medical care will continue to be provided by the entire healthcare team and appointments, consultations and home visits will be arranged with the most appropriate GP/Nurse available.

Patient Participation Awareness Week 1st - 6th June 2015


The week is organised by the National Association for Patient Participation, (N.A.P.P) a national charity, formed in 1978. Uniquely placed as the only umbrella body for patient-led groups in primary care, N.A.P.P has over 30 years’ experience in promoting, supporting and developing Patient Participation Groups (PPGs). There are now over 1000 groups affiliated to N.A.P.P, representing at least ten million patients across the UK.


Working in partnership with GPs and practice teams, Patient Participation Groups ensure the patients perspective is at the heart of local provision so that services are of high quality and continuously improve. Groups also provide practical support in the surgery, foster improved communication between the practice and its patients and help patients to take more responsibility for their health.



Patient Participation Week aims to highlight the importance of patient participation to achieve excellence in care for all patients. During the week Patient Participation Groups across the UK will be holding a wide range of events to increase public and professional awareness, including working with local media organisations to spotlight success in patient participation.


A national media campaign with contributions from leading health stakeholders will also highlight the value of these ‘grass roots’ groups and the important role they play in driving up the quality of care. The week will culminate in the N.A.P.P annual national conference, on the 7th June, this year held in Leeds, entitled ‘Quality in General Practice: What does this mean for patients?

To find out more, visit the N.A.P.P. website at http://www.napp.org.uk/ where you can find about more about Patient Participation


Front Doors Opening at 8.20am


Following patient feedback, we will be opening the surgery at 8.20am daily to allow patients who have 8.30am appointments to arrive themselves via the touchscreen.


Reception and the Appointment desk will open at 8.30am as usual.

CQC Inspection Report

To view our latest CQC Inspection Report - Please Click here

Did you know.............


If you are eligible for a flu vaccination then you are also eligible to have a Pneumonia vaccination.




If you were aged 70, 78 or 79 in 1st September this year, you qualify for a Shingles vaccination.


Both of these vaccinations are highly recommended by your doctor.


For further information or to book an appointment for either vaccination please contact the surgery after 11.00am on (01263) 513148 and select option 1.

Enhanced Online Services


Patients using our online services can now view a summary of their medical record (known as a Summary Care Record). Areas patients can now access will include a summary of information relating to medications, allergies and adverse reactions



Dr Ripley Announces Her retirement


We are sad to announce that Dr Ripley will be retiring from the Practice on 3rd October. We are all grateful to Dr Ripley for her service and commitment to our patients.


Dr Emmy Blunt will be joining the Practice on Monday 7th October taking over Dr Ripley's clinics. Dr Blunt was a registrar here in 2010 and has since been an occasional locom for us. We look forward to working with Dr Blunt and know that she will be a valuable asset to the surgery.


North Norfolk Community Transport


“NNCT has been successful in its bid for £168,000 in funding from the Big Lottery Fund for money to expand our Dial-a-Bus and MediRide services into the Cromer and Sheringham services. The money is for a three year project, which will include buying a new bus and starting new Dial-a-Bus services into and around the two towns. This is very exciting news for us and the MediRide aspect will continue the work which has been done by the Cromer area Village Agent, Catherine Plewman, who has been working with NNCT, Cromer Surgery and Norman Lamb MP to develop the MediRide service in the area.”


Quotation taken from www.northnorfolkcommunitytransport.co.uk


Transport to medical appointments


North Norfolk Community Transport can arrange journeys to medical appointments for people living in and around Cromer and Sheringham. For further details and to book ring 01263 839009. You will be advised of the cost when you book.




Suffield Park Prescription Pick up & Delivery Service

We are starting a prescription pick up and delivery service at Suffield Park Post Office,  Mill Road, Cromer.  If you are interested, please ask a member of staff.

New Business Manager joins the practice.

I would like to introduce myself as the new Business Manager for Cromer Group Practice. I am looking forward to working with the team here at the Practice in what is both an exciting and challenging time for the NHS and the services it provides. I began my career in the NHS over 17 years ago as a receptionist/dispenser and my career development has seen me work in both primary and secondary care. My most recent role was as a Practice Manager in a busy and successful surgery in Lowestoft.


I live in Martham, not too far away, and away from work I enjoy being with my family. My interests are knitting and quilting, not too exciting but helps me relax after a busy day in the office.

Finally I have to say I am delighted to be working with the Partners and team here at Cromer Group Practice. My aim is to continue to develop strong bonds both with the patients and the Patient Participation Group and to support the whole team in its commitment to providing excellent healthcare to its community. Tracy Neave


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