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PPG Lead Co-ordinator


The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is made up of volunteers who are registered patients, supported by practice staff representatives, who meet and communicate with each other to share information, express ideas and offer comment on the services and developments with the Practice. Volunteer members may be 'actice' (attend meetings, undertake appropriate patient oriented activities) or 'virtual' members who are willing to make their contribution to the PPG on a remote basis, primarily, the internet.


The Lead Co-ordinator:

  • will be elected annually from the body of volunteers,  by the volunteers
  • will be committed to working in partnership with all volunteers, practice staff, patients and other stakeholders (e.g. Clinical Commissioning Group, Care Quality Commission) for the benefit of the practice and its population
  • will demostrate appropriate leadership of the PPG so if fulfils its purpose
  • will be responsible for planning, organising and running PPG meetings and other events, ensuring production of agandas and notes/minutes of meetings and their distribution with support staff
  • will ensure that, when necessary, decisions are taken, communicated and acted upon
  • will act as a spokesperson
  • will actively assist with recruitment of volunteers - active and virtual
  • will understand the different role of PPG and staff

Personal qualities of an effective Lead Co-ordinator:



  • be fair minded, listen and manage meetings/events effectively
  • demonstrate tact & diplomacy but have powers of persuasion
  • be an effective communicator and capable public speaker
  • posses relevant and current knowledge of the health environment
  • have basic ICT literacy skills
  • be willing to learn
  • understand the need for personal integrity and to maintain confidences

The annual conference will be an open event and incorporate an Annual General Meeting for election of the Lead Co-ordinator.


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