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Terms of Reference



1) The group shall be known as Cromer Group Practice - Patient Participation Group (PPG).


2) The PPG will be made up of volunteers (members) who are registered patients. The Group will be supported by Practice staff representatives. However, PPG remains independent of the Practice and its Partners & staff.


3) The PPG purpose is to meet and/or communicate with each other to share information, express ideas and offer comment on the services and developments, within the Practice, always acting in the best intrests of patients, as their 'champions'. Effective two-way communication between the practice and PPG is essential. 


4) Members may be 'active' (attend meetings, undertake appropriate patient oriented activities) or 'virtual' members who are willing to make their contribution to the PPG on a remote basis using primarily, the internet. No individual member nor the PPG will be held liable for failings within the Practice. 


5) The PPG will be affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) 


6) Membership of the PPG is open to any registered patient and will, ideally, reflect the diversity of the practice population in terms of age, gender, race, culture, physical/mental disability and sexual orientation.


7) Members will be expected to respect the need for confidentiality (as appropriate) and to demostrate good conduct at meetings and other PPG events and activities. any breaches may result in amember leaving PPG. 


8) Meetings will be planned every 6 - 8 weeks. Agenda items can be summitted by any member to the Lead Co-ordinator and the agends will be sent out 5 working days in advance of a meeting.


9) Action notes of each meeting will be kept and any member tasked with an action will be expected to fulful such responsibility and report back to the PPG.


10) All members have the same status and voting rights. Any member may nominate themselves or another member for the position of Leand Co-ordinator. Election to this position will be held annually during the month of May at the annual general meeting which will be an integral part of annual conference for all patients, staff and stakeholders.


11) If the Lead Co-ordinator is unable to complete their term of office the members may elect a temporary replacement to fulfill the duties for the remaining term.


Reviewed July 2017

Next Review July 2018

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